About Us

MoneyFund is a brokerage firm that is owned and operated in Austin Texas. Since founded, our top goals and priorities have been to maintain the integrity of service we provide and strong satisfaction.


The company’s founders, Anthony Leo Sheridan and Jacob Pridgett created MoneyFund to provide you with the best possible services while maximizing the potential of simplicity:

Usability, Customer Satisfaction, and Competitive technology.  We always strive to address your concerns, satisfy your needs, and provide you with a service that will match your standards. There is too much risk in a loan transaction to rely on inexperience and incompetence.


Give our firm a chance to show you our abilities. We gear our commercial brokering services by making our loan processing stress-free and simple as possible. We have lenders ALL across the country, which gives our clients a diverse selection of loan programs.  Through years of experience in hard money loan origination, and various aspects of the lending business including loan processing, underwriting, and closing.

Team Members

Anthony Sheridan, President (since 2005): Anthony has over 17 years experience in residential and commercial loan origination, loan servicing, default servicing, real estate and commercial underwriting. He founded Moneyfund Inc. in 2005. Anthony has a BA, MBA and currently working on his PhD and did his undergraduate study at Angelo State University. Anthony holds a real estate broker License and a mortgage broker license. He expertise is in complicated real estate transactions.

Jacob Pridgett, Vice President and Underwriting Ops (since 2005): Jacob has 25 years experience in banking and mortgage banking, including mortgage finance, construction administration, credit, commercial and consumer lending. Jacob holds a BA in Business and MBA from the University of Arizona. Jacob is a certified SBA underwriter.

R.A. Norwood, VP Marketing (since 2005): RA has over 30 years experience in sales, marketing and senior management, with an emphasis on strategic analysis for expansion operations. RA has a B.S. from Texas Southern University and Masters of Public Administrative and he hold Real Estate Broker License from State of California

Earl Grant, Accounting (since 2005): Earl has over 15 years experience in accounting. Earl received his MBA from Long Island University in Long Island New York, and under graduate from Knoxville Tennessee. Earl is the former CFO, of the Austin Area Urban League, two Construction Companies and former IBM Accountant for thirteen years.

Cynthia Hardy, Marketing & Operations (since 2005): Cynthia has over 10 years experience in sales, marketing and business coordinator. She has a B.A. and MBA from the University of Maryland and she holds a real estate license in the state of Maryland.

William Sheridan, Default Prevention Specialist (since 2005): William has over 7 years experience in loan origination, loan servicing, default servicing, real estate and foreclosure prevention specialist. William holds a BA in business from the University of Maryland. He is currently working on his MBA. William holds a real estate license for the State of Texas

Sam Sheridan, Co-owner/Lending Expert (since 2005): Sam has many years of experience in real estate, loan origination, loss mitigation, investing, and more.  Previously he was part of the upper management team for IndyMac Bank, OneWest Bank, and National Default Servicing and brings his experience to help MoneyFUND reach the highest level of success.  He also brings years of real estate knowledge as a licensed Texas real estate agent. 

Shanetra Roach, Lending Expert (since 2013): With 2 years established in the real estate industry, Shanetra has developed the skill of connecting what you want and what you need in order to make your project more effective and the most successful as possible. A humanitarian at heart, her involvement in the community has afforded her much knowledge in the area of both commercial and residential developments in the state of Texas. Shanetra has completed the Texas Real Estate Salesperson requirements and is currently preparing for her state exam. With the right tools, NO guessing, and straight to the point information, Shanetra will facilitate your project to the next level!